News from the void: May - June

Two new faces joined the Blue Void studios team: a new programmer, Jeff, and professional QA tester, Anthony!

Here's there introductions:


“Hi! My name’s Jeff and I’m working on the UI programming for Blink. Jessy asked me to talk a bit about my credentials. Well, I’m kind of a noob to game development, but I have a master’s degree in computer science and I’m super intrepid! My background is mostly in math and algorithms, so the last few weeks have been a very educational crash course in Flash, UDK, and other tools of the trade. Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this project and I’m looking forward to delivering some of the features you guys and gals suggested. Cheers!”

Anthony will be offering his QA testing and game balancing expertise. He will also be helping with community management!


“Hi everyone. My name’s Anthony and I’m the QA ‘Department’ for Blink. I used to work at Blizzard and Activision, doing QA for both companies. I got hit with a layoff at Blizzard and a contract ending at Activision, and realized I wanted to work for a more personal team where my feedback would be valued. I know Nick and Jess from college, so I asked them if they needed help with Blink. They were looking for a dedicated internal QA department/guy to help them make better design decisions, so here I am!

Nick and I share a lot of opinions on the issues with QA in the game industry as a whole, where it tends to be little more than bug-hunting checklists. I’m a huge game balance and user experience nut and I’m glad that my opinion on such matters will actually be heeded by the designers.

When I’m not working on Blink, I love following/playing nearly anything and everything regarding eSports, though I have a soft spot for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and League of Legends. I’m also writing and illustrating my own martial arts-based graphic novel.”

Anthony is going to work closely with us to fine-tune the game mechanics and puzzles. We want the core gameplay in Blink to be as smooth and intuitive as possible. Having another hand in the community management is going to be a big help, too. Please join us in welcoming Anthony to the team!